Submitting policy to NUS Scotland Conference

Each students’ association and the committees of each NUS Scotland liberation campaign may submit up to three proposals, each of which must be submitted under a separate policy heading within one of the policy zones – Access, Funding and Student Support; Education; and Communities - and must have the approval of the constituent member’s policy-making body, such as student council, an executive meeting or an all student vote.  In addition, each students' association can submit up to three Amendments to the Rules.

Please note, only one proposal per policy zone may be submitted, and should be a maximum of 300 words.  (There is no word limit for Amendments to the Rules.)

Proposals should be submitted on the online Proposals form - you will need your Constituent Member’s secure code. Each constituent member will have received a unique secure code from NUS UK at the start of the academic year.  If you are unsure what this code is, please contact democracy@nus-scotland.org.uk  

We would ask that only Presidents or General Managers make this request for each constituent member in the interest of security and simplicity.

Following the deadline, Scottish Procedures Committee (SPC) will meet to discuss all submitted proposals.  If there are any proposals submitted which are similar, they may combine them (known as 'compositing'). If your proposal is composited, you will have the opportunity to feedback to SPC.

Following the circulation of proposals, each constituent member may submit a maximum of three amendments to these proposals.  Amendments are limited to 200 words.  Any which exceed these limits will be automatically ruled out of order.

A proposal (and amendment) must contain text – i.e. a subject heading is not sufficient. 

Before submitting policy to NUS Scotland Conference, it is recommended that you find out if NUS Scotland already has policy in this area.  Current policy can be found here.    

Proposals must be submitted on the online Proposals form by 12:00 on Thursday 7 February 2019.

Amendments to proposals  must be submittedd on the online Amendment to Proposals form by 12:00 on Thursday 7 March.

Policy that is passed at NUS Scotland Conference lapses after five years, so policy passed at NUS Scotland Conference 2014 will lapse at the end of NUS Scotland Conference 2019  Policy due to lapse can be found in the Policy Lapse document. 

If there is policy that you would like to keep, you should notify Scottish Procedures Committee (SPC) at Conference so that it can be discussed.  SPC will give notice of the deadline for this at Conference.