Officer Team of the Year Award 2020

Officer Team of the Year

To recognise officer teams that have worked effectively to make change for the benefit of their student body or community.
1. Describe the background to and context to your submission.

  • How did they identify the need/what they wanted to change?
  • What objectives were set?

2. Describe what actions you took, and the challenges that arose.

  • Can demonstrate that actions/process was inclusive
  • Evidence of collaboration in overcoming challenges within the team

3. What changes have been achieved?

  • What impact has the team achieved for its membership?
  • Can demonstrate personal development for members of the team, new skills learned/or improved confidence.


Nominate Here

Nominations close on Monday 10th February 2020 at 5pm, so make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to nominate the people you work with!

Please view the criteria before submitting a nomination and fill in all relevant sections on the nomination form.

You can save your nomination at any time and come back to edit it later. This will let you share your nomination with others in your Students' Association if you're writing it together. If you are saving your nomination please make sure that you keep a back up on your computer or on a shared drive as we cannot be held responsible for the loss of information from your nomination. 
Please make sure you complete all the information needed to submit your nomination and submit it by the correct deadlines.
Saving your nomination does not mean you have submitted it - you need to make sure you review and click 'submit' by the deadline.

If you have any questions, please e-mail and good luck!