Elected at NUS Scotland Conference 2017

Thanks to everyone who stood for election - the successful candidates were


Luke Humberstone

Count sheet

Vice President (Education): 

Jodie Waite

Count sheet

Vice President (Communities):

Elena Semple

Count sheet

Asylum and Refugee Officer:

Zeyad Rashad

Count sheet

Executive Representatives:

Women's block:

Yasmine Adam

Heather Armstrong

Gemma Jones (college place)

Holly Scrimgeour (college place)

Open block:

Jeroen van Herk

Diarmuid Cowan

Jenna Mitchell (college place)

David Tait (college place)

Count sheets

Scottish Procedures Committee:

2 year term:

Lani Baird

John Hein

1 year term:

Shazz Muhammad

Zorena Shanks

Karena Wetherall

Count sheet


Please note:

Leo Siebert was elected to one of the Open place on NUS Scotland Executive Committee, but was subsequently elected as NUS Scotland LGBT+ Officer. The Chief Returning Officer ruled that their votes be taken out of the election, and that count for the two Open Executive Representative places carried out again.  Diarmuid Cowan was elected at the first stage of this count.