Presidential Candidate Information

Becoming a candidate for NUS Scotland President

There are three stages to becoming a candidate in an NUS election. These are: 
1.    Determining eligibility 

Candidates must be a current student or sabbatical officer at a students’ union which is an affiliated member of NUS and based in Scotland. 

Candidates also need to be nominated by other students or officers from member students’ associations/unions in Scotland.

Nominations must include: three nominations from students or sabbatical officers in three different member students’ associations/unions. Only one nomination can come from the candidate’s students’ association/union. 
2.    Telling Voters about yourself 

Candidates should prepare information about themselves, which NUS Scotland will distribute to all delegates ahead of the election. This includes: 

•    A head and shoulders photograph 

•    A 100-word statement answering the question: Why do you want to represent students in Scotland as their NUS Scotland President? 

•    Links to the candidate’s social media accounts 

None of the above information is mandatory; it is however beneficial for both the candidate and the delegates. Submit this by the deadline for submitting the candidate application. Any information received after the deadline cannot be guaranteed for inclusion. 

Candidates will not submit a manifesto at the time of application.

NUS Scotland will hold a candidate briefing on Wednesday 19 February. The candidate briefing is mandatory and will explain the election process, the role and expectations. 
3. Submitting an application 

Candidates with all their nominations and information should use this form to submit their nomination.

The deadline to submit your nomination is Monday 17 February at 1700 

Any applications made after the deadline will not be considered. Allow plenty of time to account for any technical issues.

Once an application has been submitted, the candidate will receive an automatic email. If you do not receive this email, the candidate must let us know before the deadline by emailing