For President

Diarmuid Cowan



Plain text manifesto 


We need to bring about change.
Why is the government proposing to give College students loans to support themselves, rather than providing bursaries?
Why are students from widening access backgrounds being forced to take loans up to £25k just to live?
This isn’t social mobility, this is keeping people out of education.
What student wants to take on loads of debt just to get out of their housing estate? What parent wants?
We can do better.
We need political leadership that isn’t afraid to question the ‘facts’. We need leadership that supports social mobility. And we need leadership NOW!                                      

Manish Khatri

Plain text manifesto   

Student politics has become a tokenistic exercise and popularity contest. I want to lead a movement that cares about real struggles. I first got involved in our movement as a class representative at Edinburgh College. Since then I’ve been elected campus officer and later VP and now as President at Edinburgh Napier Students’ Association. I am the International Students’ Officer of NUS Scotland. My long experience in the student movement and endless hard work with limited resources and tight budgets has given me valuable insight about the difficulties we face and where we need change. Bringing back the activism.

Liam McCabe


 Plain text manifesto                                

Since 2012, I’ve been active at every level of the student movement; from local representation on campus, to organising and chairing the Glasgow Student Forum, to various positions within NUS Scotland. I know what works in our movement, where we must change if we want to challenge the status quo, and how we can overturn the policies that disadvantage our members. If elected, I pledge to turn NUS Scotland’s focus towards a radical, positive vision for change, and begin to build an active, campaigning movement that can transform students’ lives.

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For Vice President (Education)

Gemma Jones


Plain text manifesto 

I am Gemma Jones, currently an elected SEC member and President of Scotland's Rural College. For the last 6 years I have represented students and fought for a better student experience. For the last two years I have represented FE and HE students across Scotland. I have plenty of experience when it comes to achieving an education that delivers quality having worked on ELIR, QAA, SPARQS, NUS and How Good is my College projects. You should elect me NUS Scotland Vice President Education if you want to see fair and equal representation for the future of Scottish Education.


Will Stringer


Plain text manifesto 

Hello, I'm Will! I'm committed to making the most out of collective action. As VP Education I would allocate funding for new engagement projects on campuses so that we can activate support when we campaign together on abolishing 100% attendance policy in FE, ensure all SA's have fit for purpose sexual assault and harassment procedures and rethinking mental health within our communities.

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For Vice President (Communities)

Elena Semple


Plain text manifesto    

I am studying for my LLB in Law at the University of Stirling – we bleed green! Before this, I completed my HND in Legal Services from the City of Glasgow College. Talk with me and you will encounter my American-Glaswegian twang, this because I left the US 10 years ago to complete my degree in Psychology at the University of Glasgow. In last year’s manifesto, I promised to look after our basic rights and have successfully done so by focusing on issues that matter like student homelessness and student health. Let’s keep that momentum going!  

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For Asylum and Refugee Officer

Lord Apetsi


Plain text manifesto 

It is imperative to create safe-spaces for all students and making sure Refugees and Asylum students feels welcomed. Last year I was snatched by the UK Home Office, from my little children and from my studies at Strathclyde University. I was detained for months in 5 detention centres and scheduled for deportation. The students’ movement organised a national campaign (#SaveLord) against my detention and deportation and I was freed. It’s time to give back the student community and help other Refugees and Asylum students feel safe. Lord Apetsi - NUS Scotland Refugee officer. Thanks You   


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Executive Representative (8 positions)

Jen Anderson


I am Jen Anderson and i am a hard working, driven individual who strives for success in every given situation. No problem is too big or too small and i will approach every issue with the highest of importance. I have a friendly and approachable manner that bring enthusiasm and flair to every aspect of my life which can have a contagious effect on others. My positive, can do attitude speaks volumes.

Yusuf Ashraf

I'm Yusuf. I don't have a manifesto to tell you about me, or what I'm going to promise you. Because I'm not going to make any prerequisite promises. What I am going to do, is promise to change NUS Scotland. Change it, by being a voice to represents those who feel shut down. Those who think the NUS needs to be scrutinised more. That's what I can promise you. I'm someone who's not afraid to scrutinise an organisation. If elected, I will do all I can to challenge what's being put forward, and ensure we puts students first.

Jamie Grant


Plain text manifesto 

Hi there! I’m currently a Sabbatical Officer at the University of Stirling Students’ Union, in the role as VP Communities. I’m an avid and passionate believer that big change can start small, and I play an active role promoting that ethos in my local community. I’m Secretary for a local Community Council; covering the a large chunk of students living in the City of Stirling. I work closely with FE partners at Forth Valley College Students Association on their Advisory Board. I also sit on the Stirling Youth Forum as SU Rep. Want to know more?

Joshua Gregory


Heather Innes


Plain text manifesto 

Hi, my name is Heather Innes. I’m a student at Abertay University and I currently sit on the NUS Scotland Women’s Committee. I want to bring my several years of experience to the Scottish Executive Committee this year, with a focus on Widening Access, Mental Health and Funding. Elect me onto SEC if you want an experienced, hard-working and dedicated campaigner.

Bibek Karki

Hi I am Bibek Karki from Nepal but have been living in Scotland for last 15 years. I am currently studying law at Napier University and also hold the position of Equality and Diversity Officer.

Sorcha Kirker


Sorcha is an archaeology student, who has been involved with student representation since starting her undergraduate degree in 2011, when she became a Class Rep. In 2015, Sorcha was elected the first Depute President for the Highlands and Islands Students’ Association (HISA) at Orkney College. She held this position for two terms, whilst also completing one Masters, and beginning another. She was elected as HISA Vice President for Higher Education (VPHE) in March 2017.

Nicoline Kure


Sagar KC


Zeyad Rashad

My name is Zeyad Rashad. I’m a student at GKC, I’ve finished my ESOL course couple of year ago and I'm doing HND civil engineering course now.
For the last two years I was involved in many activities inside and outside my college which are related to other student’s and the student’s movement.
My goal is to help other students and I believe that within this position I will be able to improve and enhance the students experience for many students.

Astrid Smallenbroek

Plain text manifesto 

My name is Astrid and I’m currently the Union President at the University of Stirling Students’ Union. I moved to Scotland for my undergraduate studies from my home country, the Netherlands. I’m passionate about equality, diversity and inclusion, as I believe that no matter who you are or where you come from we should all have equal opportunities to succeed and to reach our potential.

Tam Wilson   


Plain text manifesto 

My name is Tam Wilson. I'm a socialist and trade unionist. I am the current President of Abertay Student Association and Dundee UNISON Youth Organiser. Graduated last summer with a degree in sociology.                                

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