For President 2019-20

Shuwanna Aaron



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Liam McCabe


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I’m Liam McCabe, and I am standing to be re-elected as your NUS Scotland President.

Last year I ran because we had been doing far too much the same old way for far too long. I ran on a platform of radical, positive change and I have fought to deliver that, empowering students and SA’s with training and support, and by forging stronger partnerships with our allies across Scotland.

If re-elected I pledge to continue this work by winning the fight for College SA funding, supporting local and regional organising, protecting students as both workers and tenants, and more!

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For Vice President (Communities)

Jeroen van Herk


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For Asylum and Refugee Officer

Zeyad Rashad


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My name is Zeyad Rashad. I'm a 3rd year Civil Engineering student at the University of the west of Scotland.

During my study journey, I was heavily involved in many activities related to student life and worked closely with other students.
I was a class representative, member of the social committee, Student Association officer, Asylum and Refugee officer and SEC member.
Helping others is one of my goals

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For Executive Representative

Chloe-Louise Burns


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My name is Chloe-Louise Burns!  I am a final year student at the University of Strathclyde.  I am the treasurer of the psychology society, founder of the Estranged Students of Strathclyde (ESOS) society and I am one of the NUS delegates for Scotland and the UK from my university.


Seoras Heaton


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Hi! My name is Seoras Hearton and I'm running for SEC. After finishing an acting course at Edinburgh College I have been elected to be the VP Welfare for this upcoming year.  I have studied acting since I was 9 so my biggest loves are the theatre and playing music. I want to make as much as a difference as I can for students and by being a part of SEC and supporting NUS Scotland I can fight to ensure everyone, no matter who they are or where they come from, have an equal chance for an amazing education.


Heather Innes


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Hi, my name is Heather Innes. I'm a student and executive officer at Abertay University and a current member of the Scottish Executive Committee.  I've also been a student officer during my time at college. I'm re-running for this position as I believe that my experience will be beneficial over the next year and for the tough challenges we will face with the uncertain future of NUS. Re-elect me for someone experienced, passionate and dedicated.


Jack McCrindle


I am student Vice President at Ayrshire College 18/19 and I also studied sound production for 2 years in college. I have always had a passion for making change for the better. In my time of being VP I have been setting up a unique campaign to try raise awareness for mental health which has been widely supported across the college and aims to be launched in May on the mental health week. I am a confident and focused person who would love the opportunity of being a SEC member in NUS to make change, for the better, for students!


Shaun Mclaughlin


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Born in the East End of Glasgow, I am currently President of the Students' Association at Glasgow Kelvin College and I am one of many students keen to engage within the college. As a member of the Board of Management, I am keen to provide students with the best level of educational engagement possible during their course of study and aim to create an environment of inclusion and acceptance.

In my spare time, I like playing football and attending my favourite team's matches. I also enjoy watching television and playing computer games.

I aim to create a sustainable Students' Association.


Zohaib Noor

I am studying at Edinburgh Napier University in MBA (Leadership Practice). I have been elected as a Campus officer for Craiglockhart Campus for 2019/2000.  I have been involved in campaigning a lot with other friends. That's how I had the motivation to be part of it. It does help the student a lot to know their rights and fight for it, rather than just complaining about it. I look forward to being a part of NUS and to work with very talented people.


Natasha Rennie


Kyle Scott


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My name is Kyle Scott and I am currently a student at Strathclyde University and a staff member at Strathclyde Students' Union. I was previously a student at Stow College and was there for the merger into Glasgow Kelvin College.

I have been involved in many grassroots campaigns while being a student, such as Unite Fair Hospitality and Better than Zero. I also work as Campaigns and Policy Support in my student union, assisting officers in the planning and execution of their campaigns.


Owen Wright


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Hi there!  My name is Owen Wright. I am the current Vice-President and incoming President of Abertay SA for the year 2019-20. I've been in university in Scotland since September 2018, having come from France to study in Scotland.I've been engaged in my students' association in various ways since the start of my student life, whether it be through being a representative, NUS conference delegate, executive officer or sabbatical officer.


Shannon Young


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My  name is Shannon Young and this is my second Scotland Conference. I have just been re-elected VP Activities at Edinburgh College for my second year. 

I have previously studied acting, photography and fitness. I enjoy the college experience so much that they can't get rid of me, but yet I also have enough years under  my belt to know what doesn't work. If I see something that should be fixed, I do everything in my power to fix it.


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