Your role at Conference

As a NUS Scotland delegate you have three main roles at NUS Scotland Conference which includes; voting on policy, voting in elections, voting on reports.

Policy – setting the direction of NUS Scotland

You will discuss and vote on motions which will become policy of NUS Scotland when passed. The policy will inform the organisation about what you, its student members, think about key issues.

This policy will be interpreted and enacted by the NUS Scotland Executive Committee. 

Elections – choosing the leadership of NUS Scotland

You will be able to choose the leadership of NUS Scotland for 2019-20. The positions you will be voting on include the President, Deputy President, Vice President (Communities), and eight Executive Representatives.

There will also be elections for Asylum and Refugee Officer and the two Scottish Procedures Committee positions.  Please see the Elections tab for more information.

Reports – reviewing the work of NUS Scotland

You will be reviewing the work of the NUS Scotland Executive Committee (SEC). During the report session you will receive an overview of the work and have the opportunity to hold to account the officers responsible by asking them questions and voting on whether to approve it.

Reports will be available to view before Conference and there will be the opportunity to submit questions in advance of Conference and on the day.


Understanding the role of an NUS Delegate