Conference documents

These conference documents will be uploaded as and when they become available


Online Proposal and Amendment to the Rules form 

Delegate entitlement - please note rules on fair representation

Election Rules 

Proposals document 

Amendments to the rules

Online Amendment form 

Nominations - full-time officer and volunteer positions

(Please see Elections tab for candidates' manifestos)

Composited proposals document

Policy lapse

Order paper - the agenda for Conference

Motions for ratification - policy which has been passed at Executive Committee meetings

Scottish Executive Committee report to Conference 2019 - an update on the Plan of Work.  Question forms will be available on the day, or you can send a question to hold the SEC to account by emailing

Minutes of Conference 2018 - to be approved by Conference 2019

Scottish Procedures Committee report


NUS Scotland Rules (amended March 2018))


Personal details form - all delegates will need to complete this form and hand it in at registration